Read the latest monthly summary from the Fort Collins Campus Weather Station:

January 2018 Summary

Interested in keeping updated on Colorado's emerging drought situation? Our drought information page provides links to our Intermountain West weekly assessments, registration to our webinars, a current map of Colorado drought conditions, and a drought meter for your zip code. Read more...
The ENSO Info and Updates page is a great place to learn about the El Niño - Southern Oscillation and how it impacts our climate. Also get updates and outlooks on the current La Niña, and what it'll mean for our winter!

CoAgMET 2017 Growing Season Report

Learn about meteorological conditions at our long-term stations with this interactive tool. With a click of a button, view anomalies compared to average. A great way to determine what drives ET variability around our state!

Check out our Water Year summary (Oct 2016 - Sep 2017) for Colorado. We've compiled a list of significant events and water year records. Also learn how our water year temperature and precipitation ranks in the historic record.

Get the 2017 Water Year Report!

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The Colorado Agricultural Meteorological nETwork provides live-updated meteorological conditions at agriculture sites across Colorado.


The Community Collaborative Rain Hail and Snow network provides daily precipitation data from around the country, recorded by citizens.


View our weekly updated drought summary for the NIDIS Intermountain West Region's Drought Early Warning System.