Climate Smart Agriculture

Resources for Best Management Practices

Climate Smart Agriculture, an initiative by the CSU Office of Engagement, provides information to improve the resiliency of farms and ranches in a changing climate.
    Grazing System Best Management Practices
  • Strategic/Whole Ranch Planning
    • shifting toward adaptive grazing management
    • range/pasture monitoring
  • Tactical
    • reduce forage demand
    • increase forage supply
    • windrows/swathing
  • Operational
    • wet meadow restoration
    • annual forages/cover crops
    Cropping Systems Best Management Practices
  • Sustain Soil and Water Functions
    • tillage practices
    • diversified crop rotations
  • Reduce Existing Stressors
    • weed management
  • Reduce Vulnerability and Risk
    • create a strategic drought contingency plan
  • Alter Management for the Future
    • adjust timing and seasonality