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NIDIS Intermountain West
Drought Early Warning System
February 20, 2018

Condition Monitoring Reports

Condition Monitoring Reports are submitted to CoCoRaHS by volunteers who are observing conditions in the region near where they take their observations. View Current Condition Monitoring Map.

Impacts Reports

Montezuma County Extension

Precipitation has barely been measurable.  Most predictions are irrigation water will be full supply due to holdover from previous years.  The Winter Wheat crop has failed and tops soil moisture is very low.  Impacts are mainly expected to dryland and rangeland.  The farther south in the county, the drier it is.  It is expected that D3 will move into SW Colorado soon, but feel it is a bit early for D3.  D2 is bad enough as it is.


Western Colorado Extension

The dryness in the lower elevations is very concerning in the Grand Valley and down towards Montrose.  They did get a decent storm, but very windy with dirty snow.  The lower elevations were seeing gusts of over 50 mph, blowing dust and snow.  Soils are very dry.  The surface has gotten wet a few times, but it's not enough to go deeper.  Teetering on the D2 to D3.


Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies in Silverton, CO

The recent snow storm brought much needed snow.  The storm was accompanied with strong southwest winds.  The winds before and during the snow brought a notable dust event.  The dust appears to be significant and widespread across the range which will most likely bring future hydrologic consequences.  This is the first major dust even of the season, which is climatologically early.


Dolores County Extension

Dry.  The recent storms have helped a little bit for topsoil, but did little to help the soil moisture deficit.  Winter wheat crop is history and there is a lot of concern about planting spring crops on dryland.  It is probable there may be no dryland crops planted this spring if this keeps up.  The lower lying rangeland to the west is in very tough shape.  Unable to maintain snow cover and the recent winds are not helping anything except relocating some topsoil.  Montezuma County is in better shape as the storms favored the area more than Western Dolores County