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NIDIS Intermountain West
Drought Early Warning System
December 11, 2018

Condition Monitoring Reports

Condition Monitoring Reports are submitted to CoCoRaHS by volunteers who are observing conditions in the region near where they take their observations. View Current Condition Monitoring Map.

Impacts Reports

NWS Grand Junction, CO

Western slope water use for agriculture has settled down. Still have a long way to go to make up for this long-term drought.


Central UT, FSA

The drinking water shortages are still a concern because the stream levels were so low.  "Even though the flows bump for a day or two in the Muddy the stream flow itself continues to fall which is very concerning. We do have an ice tunnel insulating the creek for now which will keep it flowing but we are far from out of the woods both for vegetation and drinking water". 


Durango CO, Emergency Managment

October and November storms did little to improve conditions, still "dire down here".  Cloudy most everyday.  Ski areas are doing fine.