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Evaluator eXperiment (CoDEX)
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NIDIS Intermountain West
Drought Early Warning System
June 19, 2018

Condition Monitoring Reports

Condition Monitoring Reports are submitted to CoCoRaHS by volunteers who are observing conditions in the region near where they take their observations. View Current Condition Monitoring Map.

Impacts Reports

Southeast CO

Very hot temperatures and windy conditions have been horrible on the land. I-70 near Highway 86, the grasses are showing a bluish-gray tint. The winter wheat harvest is expected to occur a couple of weeks early and will be less than average. There is no grazing available, so large numbers of cattle are being sold.  Crop losses are large, and prevented planting is occurring on many fields. There are no wet ponds. June 1 was a critical date for ranchers to see some moisture to keep cattle, but that didn't happen.  Precipitation can help green things up a little, but will not reduce impacts that are being experienced right now.

Southwest CO

San Juan National Forest has announced large-scale closures due to fires and drought. Right now, it is unclear what the impacts of that closure will be on the region.